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special ed: Castello di amorosa

20140722-165256-60776493.jpg wineryaddress: see pic above, about an 1hr 30 min drive from SFkids: yes its awesome to go to a castle and dont worry they offer grape juice for the minorsparking: limitedprice: general admission: $9 minors, $19 premium, $29 reserve; standard tour: $35, $17 for members; upgraded tour $45, $27 for members; $24 young adults; add ons $4 chocolate and $15 cheeseservice: its great, they are very nice, and i really enjoyed my tour guide’s jokes. they have an animal farm, great for kids. in the tour the take you to the famous caves were they have the wood barrels and they also show you the more modern wine making machines. they let you taste 5-6 wines or more depending on the package you the wine is so good i came out of there drinking red wine. i mean i’m usually the one who drinks the white, dessert and bubbly wines but man those light red wines were great. i tried iL barone, zingaro, iL brigante, a cabernet sauvignon, and GEWÜRZTRAMINER  (very sweet dessert wine)comment: come early because things get crowded past 10am to lunch time. i suggest you have a GPS to help you get here, tis easy to get lost when in you have 500+ wineries in Napa only. no reservations required, i great tip for this is that the smaller the winery the more likely its is that it operates on reservations only and does not offer tours; only large wineries or the ones that have a signs indicating they give tours next to their name give this service.

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