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Special Ed: Chefs de France FrenchAddress: Epcot at “France”Price:$30 per personParking:Kids: yesService:  They are considerate to allergies, specially gluten. For lactose they will ask allot of questions of what kind of lactose are you specifically allergic to. For example: all dairy, just cow (meaning that you can have goats milk products), just milk (meaning that you can other milk derivatives like butter or cheese), etc. They have excellent service and I thank the chef for working the menu around my allergies.For people allergic to dairy: saying to a French person “no butter” is like committing a crime. They traditionally cook everything with butter and on top of that being allergic to food is considered for to the Europeans an “American disease”. What people have explained to me is that when the Europeans started discovering America and started to create families,  there was a gene alteration that made our immune and digestive system more sensitive than theirs. Basically that means that Europeans dont have food allergies and we, Americans, do.Food: the sea food plate that I had was great. My friends tried meat and they said that it was tender, well cooked and juicy. They had for dessert creme brule, they said it was heaven on a plate. Their is sorbet but many restaurants including this one that make frozen yogurt or ice cream in the same machine as the sorbet prefer not to serve you the dessert for safety concerns.

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