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Special Ed: Delta Airlines

NOTE: this is not a paid advertisement for Delta Airlines. We just bought the plane tickets to San Francisco with them. airlineprice: depends of flight and seatingparking: the airportkids: yesservice: excellent service. They made me feel like family and provide you with flexible choices of food, entertainment,  and drinks. they have a funny security video that reminded me of the movie Airplane. I enjoyed my flight because I could eat, sleep, and watch movies in peace.Watch the safety video and have a laugh: you think that airlines don’t have food for vegans or for people with food allergies but your wrong. the menu has vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and lactose free. They have special menus available upon request.I didn’t know of the special menus until I got into the plane. Despite this fact I could survive, because they have in their standard paid menu some gluten free items, 3 choices in their included in flight meal (some of them can be converted gluten free upon request),  and snacks.When they started asking what do you what to have for dinner, I was a bit nervous, but they told me that they had various choices for me: hamburger or something off the paid menu that is gluten free. I choose hamburger and  had to tell them to take of the cheese and bread.  They gladly and with no hesitation did that for me, thank you.For breakfast they had an omelette but it had cheese, so I ate the parts that I found with no cheese, gave mom the rest omelette. Mom gave me part of her omelette that had no cheese and ate the fruit of my plate and hers. Two hours later they passed out snacks and  I grabbed more fruit. I could at least drink coffee with milk, the milk they have is cremola which is lactose free. you have a special need such as special meals, ease of access, wheelchair storage, special seating, boarding, service animal, you need to travel with oxygen, you name it they take care of it. you just have to call them at least 2 days before the flight and notify them, so they can take the necessary preparation. you can find more info here:

click here to see standard menu: the experience was great and unforgettable. They are very costumer oriented, They keep you happy.

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