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Special Ed: Emeril’s Italian AmericanAddress: Universal Studios, City WalkParking: yesPrice: $30-40 per personKids: yesService: Excellent attention to detail and needs. They don’t have a gluten and lactose free menu but they will modify the food according to your needs. Make reservations because its packed all the time. I never been to a celebrity chef’s restaurant but it was worth it. I wanted to go because I grew up watching Emeril and always loved what he cooked on TV.Food: Excellent. I tried the scallops and they were tender, soft, and fresh. My friends tried the mignon and rib-eye, it was juicy and crispy on the outside, so good. For dessert a sorbet for me and my friend had a craving for the key lime pie. We didnt leave anything on the plate, it was that delicious.

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