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Special Ed: Flavors of San Juan

Type: tour

Address: where they meet is at the Banco Popular of Puerto Rico between Old Harbor Brewery and  the US Courthouse

Price: Old San Juan Walking Tour $$69.99 adult | $52.99 adolescent | $28.99 child. They also have a CHEF FOR A DAY™ GROUP COOKING CLASS for $99.99 adult | $65.99 child and a BOOZY BITES™ RUM TASTING $39.99

parking: there are two parking near the Bank the Doña Fela and the other is where they have al the famous exhibitions like Bodies and Tutankhamen.

Services: my tour was given by Alexandra and she was great. She was funny, entertaining and gave a lot of puertorrican history trivia that i found very interesting, informative and useful. Like for example I didn’t know Fortaleza (the governor’s mansion) gave tours to the public. They are very considerate with your food allergies. They personally call every restaurant to make sure that your hor food are hot and cold are cold, and they notify each restaurant how much people and what each person will have. If its as simple as no alcohol in your drink or as complicated as no gluten and no lactose in your mofongo with carne guisa.

Food: The food is sample size, so you wont feel like you over ate. All the food is fabulous. They have various stops  and they vary by tour in the morning the stop at: Barrachina, Aromas, Cuatro Sombras, restaurant Chocolate Cortes, Rosa de Triana and Cafe el Punto. The stops at the afternoon are: Carli’s Fine Bistro & Jazz and Café la Princesa and they stop at the other places I mentioned.

Aromas: scrambled eggs (with no milk) or Mallorca and mango frappe (made with fresh mango)

Barrachina: the world-famous Piña Colada with rum Don Q of course. you can order a large Piña Colada to go for the rest of the tour.

Cuatro Sombras: coffee! they make their own coffee and sell it. open the doors and be slapped by the smell of awesome coffee. no sugar needed, trust me, i’m puertorrican we live and run on coffee.

Chocolate Cortes: hot chocolate with a pure chocolate bar and cheese. Dunk the bar with the cheese. sounds insane but you wont regret it. i can eat pure chocolate but i paired it with fruits. Dunk the fruit in the hot chocolate, its like having a chocolate fountain for yourself. Hot chocolate is traditionally make with milk and melting the chocolate in the boiling milk but mine was with water.

Rosa de Triana: make your own mofongo with carne guisa. Mine was with olive oil and not the traditional butter that we use to make mofongo.

Cafe el Punto: alcapurrias with awesome hot sauce and ceviche or fruit salad

Casa Melaza: they are the experts of rum,  coffee and funny t-shirts. Any rum questions you have, go here. they are right next to Rosa de Triana.

Comment: you can buy tickets calling or by the website they accept credit cards, cash and pay pal. (787) 964-2447 or 1-866-607-8887 or All of the restaurants are local family owned and use fresh local products as much as possible. I consider this a great focus to the tour because you support the local economy in every way and promote that supporting it should be a good every day practice. 

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