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Special Ed: Grand Floridian Cafe AmericanAddress: Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & SpaKids: yes!Parking: There are buses that take you to the hotel, valet parking, and allot of parking available near the check in areaPrice: $30 per person. If in dinning plan, it includes main course and dessertService: Disney has a reputation for being allergy friendly everywhere. If in dinning plan all restaurants will know that you have allergies before hand and the waiter will ask how is the person, so the chef can come to you personally to take the order and he/she will also deliver the food. If you’re not in the dinning plan just tell the waiter. The tickets, plates and food will be identified with the word “allergy” in a huge and bold font in red color. They even have vegan and vegetarian options available!Food: The food is excellent, well presented, they have big portions, and all fresh food. You’ll feel fancy eating this food without having to dress fancy. The meat is tender, the fish is super soft, i loved the roasted veggies and my rice made like risotto. I ordered the fondue for dessert and I tried not to eat the plate. I wasn’t sure about the marshmallows, until i goggled if they are gluten and lactose free, and they are. Tiers of joy and my face covered in chocolate followed the discovery. If your in the mood to try all the desserts, there is a sampler that includes chocolate cheesecake, chocolate mousse, pastries, strawberry shortcake, and a mickey made out of dark chocolate.

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