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Special Ed: Laurel Court


Type: Drinks and finger foodAddress: The Fairmont Hotel San FranciscoPrice: $10 plusKids: 18+ year oldsParking: Yes, plentyService: They are nice and relax. A perfect place to sit down, relax and have wine or a cocktail after a long day of sightseeing. The place used to be in the Crown Room, the top floor of the hotel, and had a chair in the middle of the room that rotated.Food/drinks: they have a lot of drinks available from the most exotic to the most traditional. Since I like an oporto (sweet dessert wine) at the end of a busy day, thats what I had. My parents drank there favorite Cabernet Sauvignon. They include nuts with each round of drinks.Comment: since San Francisco is very dog friendly, you can bring your dog almost anywhere; including here. There a piano playing every night.

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