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Special Ed: PR BloggerCon

Type: yearly blogger conventionAddress: Universidad del Turabo Caguasparking: a lotprice: $25time: 7:30 am to 5 pmconferences:

  1. how to be successful on you tube Cómo ser un socio exitoso de YouTube: How to be a successful partner of YouTube. Is YouTube the best platform for storing and sharing your videos? How strong is YouTube in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean? Is it worth being a YouTube Partner? Discover that you can gain from this relationship. Mauricio Ojeda, Manager of Strategic Alliances YouTube (

  2. parents and bloggin Parenting Blogging Digital Influence: Blogging Digital Influence ParentingMothers and fathers step bloggers as effective and influential communicators open, are you one of them? What should you do to be one of them? Clarisse Céspedes, Managing Editor of BabyCenter (

  3. Panel: Reaching the Fashion Blog Trend : Why are trendy fashion blogs? Why brands should pay attention to this segment and how they can benefit both parties? the super fashionable and glamorous girls whom i loved their outfits, makeup, shoes and just about everything. they are super approachable, nice, down to earth, honest, and outgoing.

  4. Brand / Blog Partnerships in a Multi-Channel World (Auspiciado por Hill & Knowlton)
: What are the elements that create winning partnerships, how to “know” brands that can fit with your blog and some of the key questions that both parties must answer before proceeding. The big challenge is that between your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, YouTube and even snapchat, expectations on both sides are constantly changing. Jessi Langsen, Vice President, Digital, Hill & Knowlton Chicago (Talk in English)

Panel: “Eat, Travel & Blog”:Influential travel bloggers, domestic tourism and food sector shares the key to success for leaders within their Aeras. What can brands provide that others do not have?

Monetizing Digital Content Creation: Whether you generate good content and accounts with thousands of followers in your platform, what are the next steps to generate more money and influence?

@lamafiapr He prefers to remain anonymous that’s why the photos have his face blocked. the only way you can see him is personally. He is super cool, a gentleman, nice, and very people oriented and friendly. We talked about my blog and he was really interested on how innovative it is, its the only food blog for allergics! we also made a pact to find gluten-lactose free stuff and places. I’m part of the mafia now so i’m buying a bow tie.

@Ref_DeTamarindo Hes vegetarian, so he totally gets me and my food challenges. super nice, and always open to learn something new. he get inspired by his everyday adventures

opinion: i learned a lot from them, specially that i have to enter the you tuber world soon and that also I can earn money from videos and writing. i´m earning money but from other sources right now. i also learned that my blog is innovative, its the only food blog for food allergics. that made me proud but also with feeling responsible to make the blog better to my readers. i also learned that i needed a professional video camera, so soon you’ll see me with a go pro! no professional camera for now, i have enough with my cell phone. i couldn’t stay for the cocktail because i had dinner with my parents but they told me that it was great. there was also lunch, rice and skirt stake. simple, good and delicious. i made a lot of contacts and new friends. i hope i can return next year

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