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Special Ed: Sausalito

sausalito websiteSausalito is a warm, small and costal town know for its shops and breakfasts. It’s a great town to walk, eat and shop. You can a boat to sight see, bike, go to a park to sit down and relax, see the pretty houses, and have fun.The shops seem expensive (some really are) but really they are moderate price. I entered a shop were all the clothes was $20-50. And the $50 items had a discount. The shop is called 2bella and it’s great for back to school shopping .2bella websiteFor some wicked awesome, show stopper kick ass shoes go to shoe stories of sausalito (expensive). shoe stories wesiteFor other shoe stores search: shoe stores in sausalito ca.I also had breakfast at caffe tutti and ate a huge omelette that was very delicious and had the best coffee I ever had in the hole trip. They made the coffee just the way I like it: strong cappuccino or expresso with soul your almond milk with brown sugar. see post: soon!There is also a famous burger joint that it’s only sign has the word “hamburgers” written in it. My uncle has told me they make insane burgers.The restaurants are cheaper than in San Francisco.Getting here from San Francisco you have to cross the golden gate and take the first exit you see when getting out of the tunnel. If you miss that one there is another one that says Sausalito rd. the one right of the tunnel is easy to identify because you’ll see bikers and a fence the same color as the golden gate.

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