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Special Ed: The Cavalier

20140804-081309-29589419.jpg Classic British Pub FoodAddress: Jessie Street; a bit hidden but if you ask around you’ll find itPrice: $40 per personParking: NoneKids: 18 or more year oldsService: They are very considerate with food allergies. They are very nice and flexible with the idea of serving triple fried fries as a dessert. If you have never eaten British food ask them all you want, they wont have a problem explaining.Food: The food is great and had very interesting flavors. I tried the veal chop with fingerling potatoes, the potatoes had rosemary and lemon sauce to dunk them; very refreshing. Dad tried the classic fish and chips, also good by what he told me. I couldn’t eat the fish because its breaded but I did try the chips. Mom had the same dish as mine but with these insanely crispy and  addictive tripe fried fries, to die for. I almost gave my fries to have hers but we shared. They have various delicious desserts; but they all have gluten and lactose, so i recommend to order the tripe fried fries. I know its sounds crazy but you wont regret it.Comment: Come early, this is a place were a lot of business people go here after work, so it will get full past 7 pm. Theres no parking because its normal for people to walk everywhere ( in PR we take a car to go everywhere, so restaurants have to have at least a small parking space)

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