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Special Ed: The Crystal Palace: A buffet with Characters Buffet, AmericanAddress: Magic Kingdom Park, Main Street USAKids: yes, especially when the Disney characters visit your table while your eating, its funParking: There are buses, trains, multi-level parking, etc.Price: $30 per person, included in dinning planService: Since its a buffet the waiter will bring the plates and beverages. If you have allergies the chef will point out what food you can and cant choose, indicate to him or her if you want bread and what dessert you want to have. Tell the waiter what you said to the chef so he can bring stuff if needed. The service includes hugs and pictures with Winnie The Pooh’s Characters Piglet, Tiger, and Eeyore.Food: Its very good, you’ll want to try everything. There is allot of variety, meat, veggies, salads, quinoa, rice, sweet plantains, fries, ice cream, cake, etc. Everything fresh, tender, juicy, well done, and delicious. They have vegan and vegetarian options. It is allot of food and you’ll have to wait a little to get a table since its always full but its worth the wait, it works up the appetite for the food coma that comes later.

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