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Special Ed: The Pinocchio’s Village Hous Italian/ AmericanAddress: Magic Kingdom, FantasylandKids: yesPrice:$10-20 per person, included in dinning planParking: The parks parking, there are buses, trains, etc that can take you here with out having to pay for parkingService: Despite the fact that it is a quick service they don’t skip on the treatment they give people with allergies. They go through everything they have one the menu that is allergen free and what things you can and cant eat. They don’t bring you the chef but they do have a portfolio with pictures of the food and their ingredients. When the food is served the one with the allergen modifications is served first and separate from the other things ordered and usually you have to wait 5 minutes (i little longer that the regular meals).Food:Quick service usually has hamburgers, sandwiches, flat-breads, and pizza; unless its somewhere like in the area resembling Asia, Africa, Europe or South America. They have food allusive to those places. Still big portions but all delicious, and if you’re in the dinning plan, it includes dessert. I ordered pizza and chocolate cake. I was so happy when I tasted that crunchy cheesy pizza and then things got a whole lot happier with the cake.

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