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Special Ed: Three Broomsticks Harry Potter Themed foodAddress: Universal Studios Florida, Harry Potter, near the dragon challenge roller coasterPrice: $10-30, included in meal plan of universalParking: universal studios parkingkids: yesFood: the portions are huge so i suggest that you share. try the pumpkin pie, the butter beer and the chicken. Each order includes a corn on the cob that is delicious even without butter. the chicken is tender and well seasoned, the desserts are awesome. try the pumpkin fizz and juices, refreshing for a hot day.Service: very considerate with food allegories, they have a portfolio of the things that are allergen free. they are very nice and suggest what to eat if you dont know. they let you see the menu and food items before choosing. the place is huge and very well organized. come early because it does get full, if you happen to see a line dont worry it moves fast.

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