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Special Ed: Versailles

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Type: CubanKids: yesParking: a lot of it availablePrice: 10-30 averageService: super fast despite the fact that the restaurant is always full. They are considerate to food allergies since Cuban food might have lactose, they can easily change the butter for olive oil. The are excellent at recommending what to try if you never have gone here.The place is definitely historic and iconic, it draws your attention when you hear the word Versailles and think of fancy royal palaces and decadent French food. The place is decorated like a fancy royal palace but it has nothing to do with France and the royal palace Versailles. It is a casual family restaurant for Latinos but it’s food it’s definitely decadent and delicious.I suggest you make reservations but don’t worry if you forget because they are pretty fast at getting you a table.Food: the have a list of the most bought food items as specials, try those, you won’t regret it. The pork was super tender that you didn’t need a knife, the sweet plantains were crispy on the edges just how I like it, and the rice with black beans were divine.

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