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Special Ed: VlogIn Fest and Coffee & Chocolate Expo

Type: expo/eventaddress: centro de convencionesprice: vlogin $25, C&C $8parking: a lotoriginally i was just going to vlog in, but when i found out that coffee and chocolate expo was going to be on the same place and date i had to go. i had a lot of fun on both events.vlogin: the event was dividend in different areas: food blogs, fashion, gaming, technology, parents, cosplay, lifestyle, an area for laser tag and a dance game. when i got here i was hungry so i went directly to the food blog area and ate some tacos. they were good and gluten free. i also tried a ice cream pop of strawberry and mojito no lactose! also a pulled pork with malanga, so good! there was also popkorn but it had butter. the food area was decorated in black, silver and white the color themes from the food blog La Mafia. I also visited the fashion blog area to see the clothes. there were alot of famous you tubers and viners. VLOGIN is the first event and entertainment bloggers around the Caribbean where you can join in live shows , music , fashion , gaming, lifestyle , kids zone , foodies and more. Digital entertainment fans can enjoy live and meet their favorite bloggers . Fans will participate in the main stage and the various stations where influencers share their experiences and success stories that have been creating their careers. Our goal is to transfer the experience of what LIVE ONLINE . they are planning the second vlogin for 2016.c&c: is a huge two day event with a lot of local businesses that sell, grow, make chocolate and coffee. there is chocolate in the coffee , coffee in the chocolate, drinks, bars, snacks, baked goods, liquor, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, tea, waffles, macaroons, caramel, salt, herbs, everything you can image. surprisingly most of the chocolate didnt have milk and coffee was served with no milk and you could add sugar to your liking. found some gluten free stuff which was good. there was also courses on cooking, barista, and business courses. This is the largest exhibition dedicated to the Caribbean industries and chocolate coffee and complementary products. Imagine being 26 and September 27 , from 10am to 6pm , in the Puerto Rico Convention Center , attended by more than 120 exhibitors and pavilions for young and old . There will be workshops and exhibitions of baristas , lectures and demonstrations .

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