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Special Ed: Wine Valley (Sonoma and Napa)

Type: Wine valleyAddress: Sonoma and Napa have the same road, The road splits when you get close to the Sonoma and Napa divide, You’ll notice this when you see a Napa sign at the right and a Sonoma sign at the left.

Price: depends on the wineryParking: depends on the wineryKids: YesWeather: its pretty hot so you can leave the winter coats at the car.Napa and Sonoma have over 500 wineries and can be hard to choose where to go. You can google “the best wineries in Napa and Sonoma” to help you out. Some recommendations are: Mondavi, Beringer, Bezinger, Clos du val, Darioush, Castello di Amorosa, and the Wine Train. All are usually open from 10 am –      5 pm.The Search:

Mondavi: See Post: See Post: di Amorosa: See Post: Train: Wineries: like Clos Du Val and Darioush do not give tours with out appointments. If you enter the winery without an appointment the only thing you can do is try some of their wines at the bar. The small wineries are the most luxurious and expensive since they don’t sell wines world-wide, just to the public that visits.Darioush  Winery: See pic at end of postClos Du Val: See pic at end of postLarge wineries: These are the ones that have large tasting rooms, activities, events, and tours for visitors. They most likely sell world-wide (there are some exceptions like the Castello). Many have chocolate and food pairings, restaurants and large spaces where they cultivate grapes.Service: they have 5 star service, all the wineries I visited were great!Food: when you visit the area make sure you stop by the American Culinary Institute and the various small restaurants in the area like Archetype, Mustards and Brix.

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