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Takeout Fridays

If you want to enjoy restaurant food without going to a restaurant, here are some suggestions:

La Bodeguita de Manolo

Mom and I were searching for a good burger and found that the Bodeguita has one with pear marmalade. We ordered it for takeout, which is calling the restaurant, and once we got there, the burger was waiting for us. The burger was well seasoned, and the pear was a nice sweet contrast to the salty goodness of the meat. I would have liked the burger to have more seasoning other than salt and pepper, but it was overall a great experience.

Waldos Food Truck

This food truck is excellent for large groups or families that need something quick and straightforward. They specialize in burgers, but they also do sandwiches and salads. Mom and I ordered "poutine style" fries with skirt steak on top and then ordered burgers the other day. The fries were freshly fried and seasoned, and the burger. However, I suggest ordering meats in a term lower than you usually do; for instance, if you like your well-done burger, call it medium-well. I don't blame them nor the rest of the restaurants on the skirt steak being a little tough; mom bought some from the supermarket the other day, and it was tough.

Go Fresh PR

If you like poke bowls, salads, and wraps, this is the food truck for you. Also, if you need something quick, when working, doctor's appointment, or on the go, this place is excellent. I ordered a poke bowl, mom a wrap, and one of my cousins ordered a salad. Overall the food is fantastic, especially the poke, the salad is filling and with fresh dressings and the wraps could be with a little more filling.


Mom and I wanted to celebrate a friend's birthday and ordered fresh seafood with fried plantains. The seafood was excellently seasoned and tender, while the plantains were perfectly crispy. They recently changed their prices to make the place more affordable for people who work nearby, so they have many lunch and dinner specials.

Nacho Libre

A good place for tacos and nachos! With margaritas, of course! I ordered carnitas tacos, making sure that the taco was a corn tortilla; however, be prepared to make a mess because corn tortillas don't hold up well to sauces. They don't have parking, but the whole street is reserved for cars for all the restaurants nearby. I really liked that the pico the Gallo was super fresh and the carnitas super satisfying.

Panaderia Panera

I ordered rice and ribs in this bakery for 6 people. They make coffee, baked goods, sandwiches, breakfast, and lunch. The ribs were a little bit salty for my taste. However, keep in mind that I have a low sodium diet due to my polycystic kidneys, and I can easily detect salt. They served my order very quickly since they have separate lines for each thing they offer.

El Platanal

If you want plantain sandwiches, this is the place for you. When I first visited this place, the plantains were freshly fried. However, I ordered takeout recently hat they were a lit bit soft (Estaban mongos). Also, the skirt steak didn't have much seasoning. I don't know if it's the same experience inside the restaurant, but I'm avoiding going inside restaurants for now.

Tinto y Blanco

Mom and I ordered skirt steak with tostones. Still, they were disappointing coming from a place that we frequently visited before the pandemic. The meat was overcooked and underseasoned, while the tostones you could notice were fried a while ago and reheated in a microwave. I don't usually talk so harshly about a restaurant, even less so during a pandemic. Still, this place was completely packed with people coming in and out for takeout orders, so it came as a surprise.

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