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Thanksgiving: gluten and lactose fee

1. turkey: check that your turkey expressively says that contains no gluten and lactose. Turkey’s are supposed to be naturally gluten and lactose free but with the preservatives, basting and other stuff to keep it fresh well its gets not so free. For example, we bought a Butterball turkey, and we checked its website Follow instructions of the paper that is the package, it usually takes from 2-4 hours depending on turkey weight. I recommended to check every hour.

If you are eating pork, it is usually already seasoned, so just ask the place where you’re going to buy go they season it. Its not supposed to have anything suspicious but always ask before consuming.2. gravy: make sure that if you buy chicken broth that is one that is as natural as possible or make your own. just grab some chicken bones, herbs like oregano, rosemary, sage, and time, onions, carrots, and salt and pepper to taste, and boil away. to thicken gravy use almond milk (unsweetened and with no flavors) and potato or corn based flour, don’t worry it will not affect taste. stir till there are no lumps.

3. stuffing: we bought a Glutino bread mix and followed the instructions in the box, we used almond milk of course. the rest of the ingredients are veggies, ground meat and bacon. make sure the ground meat you by is really 100% real meat and not that processed stuff that might have gluten and lactose. yes, we who follow a gluten and lactose free diet can still eat bacon!


4. mashed potato salad: use almond milk to make it easy to mash, mayonnaise is supposed to be gluten and lactose free but i recommended reading the label before using. we also added apples and onions.

5. pasteles: naturally gluten and lactose free, always ask before buying premade.

6. desserts: they are the hardest part because they don’t make them gluten and lactose free. try to avoid them or make your own. mom made me brownies with chocolate frosting. chocolate in its pure form is gluten free. we used kirland chocolate chips and glutino brownie mix.

7. drinks: avoid coquito and beer, i know its tragic and sad news, but the goo thing is you can still drink all other alchol like pitorro (moonshine).


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