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Things to do and where to eat: Indianapolis

You can get here using the Indianapolis International Airport or if you live nearby you can take the bus. The bus is super affordable.

If your looking for a relaxing place to just lounge, walk and have a lazy day this is a nice place. There is not much to do but if you need a small break, then you can go here.

Things to do:

The most famous event in this city is the Indi 500 but if you miss it, you can do go-karting.

There is also a nice mall and markets you can go shopping.

Canal Walk: a nice place to have a run or walk and a random “Venitian experience” in a gondola. The end of the canal leads to a park with art sculptures.

Zoo: there are two zoos one for kids and the other for adults

Museum and monuments: there’s a soldier’s monument circle, an American Indian museum, a state museum, a historical society, and others. One of the most famous is the museum of art.

Gardens: there are a few botanical gardens. They are small but it’s great if you like flowers.

Where to eat:

We went to TGI Fridays and PF Changs but here is a list of recommendations

  1. St. Elmo Steak House

  2. Bru Burger Bar

  3. Shapiro’s Delicatessen

  4. Cafe Patachou

  5. Bazbeaux Pizza

  6. Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

  7. Yats

  8. Mama Carolla’s

  9. Harry & Izzy’s

  10. Bluebeard

  11. Livery

  12. Goose the Market

  13. Milktooth

  14. The Rathskeller

  15. Union 50

  16. Rick’s Cafe Boatyard

  17. Caplinger’s Fresh Catch

  18. Napolese Pizzeria

  19. Tinker Street’s

  20. Mesh Restaurant

  21. Mimi Blue Meatballs

  22. Traders Point Creamery

Enjoy the photos!

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