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Tito’s Vodka Sunny Side Brunch Picnic

I was invited by Burson Cohn & Wolfe to The Tito’s Vodka Sunny Side Brunch Picnic in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico. BCW is an internationally recognized advertising agency that has invited me several times to Tito’s Vodka events.



In the entrance of the Museum there was the bar and the kiosk for food. All the proceeds of the ticket entrance were donated to the Santuario de Animales de Barranquitas.

The Museum is a mix of old meets modern, with art on the walls, sculptures, a nice inside garden, a shop, performances, and exhibitions.

On the inside you could find local artisans selling accessories and treats for the furry baby in your life.

The artisans were selling bandanas, collars, bow ties, leashes, and treats. You could also buy matching outfits. The treats are a work of art! Little apple pies, poptarts, “brownies”, cookies, bones, cupcakes, empanadas. I recommend leaving the treats in the fridge and labeling them or leaving them in the bag that they are packaged because they look delicious and temping for you to eat.

They also had dog houses, water and treats for your the dogs at the event. I didn’t bring mine because she’s afraid of cars.

They had music from local bands: DJ Nino, Velcro, Madame Micelli and Zacchae’us Paul.

I really had a great time, specially petting all the dogs at the event. Yes, I’m the one that if I’m in a party and I find a dog, I will pet and hangout with the dog. Also, going to a museum that I had never visited. It was really cool that all these people joined to have a good time for a good cause.



They have really pretty and durable Bandanas. That’s my dog Cleopatra modeling one of the Bandanas.

Apple pies, brownies, pop tarts, cupcakes, donuts, and more!

Bandanas and bow ties

handmade knotted lassos

The cutest cookies ever

bandanas with flare

matching outfits for you and your dog

uniquely beautiful cupcakes


On The Menu:

BBQ Champions with classic smoked meats to new delicious creations

A Cafe that serves mexican food in Guaynabo

Located in Calle Cerra. A place where art meets food.

A Vegan/ Vegetarian restaurant located near Calle Loiza

Located in Calle Loiza. They have an awesome breakfast and brunch. They also serve lunch and dinner.


Enjoy the Pictures!

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