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Tortillas Doña Lola

Tortilla and Chips made in Puerto Rico in Caguas and made with their grandmother’s love


  1. Corn

  2. Salt from Puerto Rico

  3. Vegetable Oil

  4. They are gluten free, no preservatives and no cholesterol


3 Brothers who studied engineering put their manufacturing experience and their lovely grandmother recipe into this business. They frequently visited their grandmother in Mexico and in their family and friend gatherings they served tortillas where everyone said that they should open a restaurant or sell the tortillas.

For Doña Lola there were three important things: the love for her family, sunday dinners and tortillas. For more than 100 years the secret recipe has been passed through generations, from Mexico to Puerto Rico. Today we share the tortilla chips that with three simple ingredients hold the authentic taste of the unparalleled Doña Lola


They currently make chips and tortillas of various sizes: 6″ for burritos, 4″ for tacos and smaller ones for high cuisine chefs.

Their process is simple: buy ingredients, process them to make the tortillas, bake them, cut them to size and pack. They chips get fried and then packed. The tortillas have to be kept refrigerated and the chips once open can be stored in a dry place in a resealable bag.

You can get the chips in super markets by looking here: Locations

You can get the tortillas only by going to their place of business here:


I followed the gps and found the place pretty easily since its painted purple. Roberto greeted me, showed me around and explained the whole process and story.

I got home around lunch and I was super excited to try the tortillas and chips. I immediately took the tortillas to the stove to get them pliable and made some fish tacos.

I used guacamole, salad, Sriracha and lactose free cheese.

They didn’t break apart and I think heating them up is the trick to preventing them from breaking. The taste of the corn was present but still subtle to let the other ingredients shine through.

I also made Quesadillas with the tortillas and as a side dish the chips with hummus. The chips are crunchy, salty and highly addictive. For the quesadillas I used the same ingredients as the tacos except for the fish I used chicken instead.

Enjoy the pictures!

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