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Vaca negra might be asking yourself why I’m i writing about cheeses, yes i know I’m lactose intolerant but these cheeses are lactose free! (not casein free)type: cheese and yogurt artisan makersaddress: Carr. 492 km 0.1 Bo. Capaez Hatillo (when you see a lot of cows, approx. 30,000 of them, you are in the right place)Parking: very limited, there are only 10 parking spots so if you arrive early you might fight one or you might have to block the house next door.Kids: hell yes bring them it fun to make cheese they can make a mess while making delicious cheese.Price: $80 for two people and one cheese, $60 per person for two cheesesTour hours: 10 am and 2:30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. shop is open from 8-4 all week.For a tour you´ll have to call and make a reservation. They answer their emails and phone calls very promptly. You can visit the website to buy cheeses and yogurt. They often have groupons available.What the tour includes: wine and cheese tasting, video and cheese making course. They offer white wine and ice tea. If your not allergic to gluten you can eat the export sodas.First they will give a video to see of how the place was established. It was established by Wanda Otero and her friend Microbiologists. They wanted to make artisan cheeses similar to the Italian, Spanish and French. They have won various competitions locally and internationally. They make all there cheeses from local farms, mainly those that have black cows, hence the name Vaca negra. All the cows are GMO and antibiotic free.Then, you will pass to the fridge and cheese making area where you will see someone making one of the cheeses. They will show you the process of cutting, separating, and mixing enzymes. Then, you will pass to the main waiting area where you will taste 5 cheeses.Cabachuelas: a soft cheese with a strong taste. it taste like mushrooms. they say to pair it with Merlot, Tempranillo, Chardonnay or ale beer.Monserrate: similar to Cheddar, great for sandwiches. semi-firm and mild taste, unless it has pepper, then it tastes like pepper jack cheese. they say to pair it with a Savingnon Blanc or Portos.Ausubal: firm and similar to manchego in taste. great with Cabernet, Moscato and stout beer.Capaez: similar to Parmesan. very light. great with Cabernet Savingnon and Moscato.Montebello: the strongest one in taste and smell, if your not used to strong cheeses it might be a bit to strong. pair with Malvec and Portos.They also gave us a year old cheese and yogurt. the yogurt comes in various flavors: plain, coconut, guayaba, papaya, oatmeal, piña colada and vanilla.What I most liked where the monserrate, ausubal, capaez, montebello and the yogurt. so creamy, soft, light and just the right sweetness. trust me its not overly sweet.The fun part is making the cheese: you pick 2 letters and the spices. then you put on the mesh in your hair and gloves. you take the bowl that has the cheese and pour spices. My boyfriend and I choose Italian seasoning and red pepper. mix delicately. dispose of whey put in strainer and push hard this is to make the form and strain they whey. leave for 2 months and pick up your cheese. so i have to wait until the semester end to pick up our cheese.below see my Go Pro pictures!

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