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Vaca Negra

I returned to Vaca Negra to its new location when I saw an Oferta Del Dia offer for brunch and cheese making. The New place offers parking, outdoor seating, a shop and cheese-making area. I went with my mom, and with the offer, your can either eat the brunch first and then do the tour or vice versa. With COVID, you have to make a reservation for the tour and brunch. We waited for the rest of the group to arrive and then headed to the cheese-making. We tried all of their cheeses with wine and saw the cheese-making process. Don't worry, it's lactose-free. because. After the cheese-making we went to brunch; we had mimosas, huevos rancheros, and sliders. The offer includes two appetizers, which we ordered to go becasue its a lot of food after the cheese tasting included in the cheese-making tour. Vaca Negra in its new location is really easy to find, and you can spend the day there without having to move to another place for food after the factory tour. I really love this new location and how they have expanded to yogurt because, for me, it's really difficult to find lactose-free yogurt that is not a bunch of sugar in the form of yogurt.

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