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valentine’s gifts for the gluten and lactose intolerants

Suggestions of gifts that involve food (gender neutral suggestions so every type of relationship is included)1. edible arrangements Check if allergic to fruits. If the gift is food and its for me please NO berries: strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, anything ending in berry!

2. welch or star-bursts gummy bears or skittles, the only candies i have found to be gluten free

3. gluten and lactose free/ unprocessed dark chocolate

4. their favorite wine or beer or drink (alcohol or not) hint: barefoot moscato wine, i don’t care if its a dessert wine i like it

5. fruit sorbet ( water based ice cream) check other fruit allergies

6. a nice dinner to a restaurant…hint: you can get ideas from my blogculinaryroadtripspuertorico.wordpress.com7. cook a nice dinner: its impressive because it shows you got talents other than being nice, respectful, intelligent and totally wonderful. hint: remember a way to conquer hearts is through the stomach8. coffee with almond,sow, rice, coconut, any milk substitute they can tolerate9. cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pastries, desserts, etc. for example Schär products are the best gluten and lactose free products I’ve tried, you wont notice the difference if your not into the gluten and lactose free diet.

CHECK: check if the person has any other allergy like nuts many of the gluten free options use nuts as a substitute for example gluten free granola bars use nuts to substitute granola, if allergic to chocolate a great substitute is figs (it fooled me), many products use oils as milk substitute, fruit allergies the most common are citrus or berries substitutes are other fruits like pears and apples.WERE TO GET IT: many specialized health foods like Descubra, Freshmart, Marshall’s (cooking/kitchen department), or if you’re lucky enough average supermarketsDESCUBRA:


Don’t want to risk yourself with food related gifts here are some non food gift ideas:1. see the season premier of their favorite series. hint: walking dead season premier2. serenade: please leave serenades to experts like tuna bardos3. jewelery hint: in my case i have a Pandora bracelet so a charm would be nice  but imitations are welcome because i know they are expensive4. flowers hint: their favorites (in my case orchids, tulips, sunflowers) or if you don’t know go with the classic never fail roses5. hallmark/ gift card: its the thought that counts and they can buy whatever they want6. their “its not a phase its a life style” obsession. hint: Anything Sailor Moon related, its the shows 20th anniversary celebration so getting stuff is easy but some of the things are expensive

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