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Type: internationalAddress: near buenos aires in guaynaboPrice: $30-50 depending if you order wineKids: yesParking: valet parking onlyFood: I’m still dreaming of the jabali chops, so tender and juicy; with the home made pan fried fries. the pears with wine sauce, I tried so hard not to lick the plate. they added dulce de papaya to the dessert menuand  the sea food is always fresh.Service: 5 star service to the level that the owner will do from opening the door to serve plates, cook, do everything. And they are super considerate with people with allergies, I had zero problems with planning my 3 course meal.I so totally love the owner he is very considerate to customers that come often, he make special menu items just for you, the last time i went here he made me candied papaya (dulce de papaya) with cheese. he said don’t worry about the cheese i know you’re parents will eat it. i was so happy because the hardest change for me in the gluten and lactose free diet was to downsize on my choice of desserts. desserts are something almost sacred for me, i feel that if i don’t eat dessert my day isn’t over. so it has taken a toll on me the fact that sometimes i cant eat dessert when i go out. some restaurants if youre lucky enough will have have fruit bowls, sorbets, candied fruits, pears or peaches “al vino”. i tell you this restaurant and the owner are at a superior level of excellent service.Comment: come early, especially on fridays and weekends, it gets packed. if you like pain, tings, this is the place for you, it has an art excibition worth walking the whole restaurant before eating

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