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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Places to Stay:

  1. on a budget: Airbnb

  2. Casa Flor de Agua: It’s a small quaint house near Malecón, great for small families, couples, groups (4 people). It has a fully equipped kitchen, shower, a full bed and sofa bed, it has no air conditioner (but believe me you don’t need one).

  3. splurge: El Block and W Hotel. These range from $200-500 a night. They have everything, bar, restaurant, pool, fire pits, room service, etc.

  4. in between: Guesthouses like Trade Winds, Malecón House Hacienda Tamarindo, and many other range in the $100- 150 per night. Use this link to see all guesthouses: Hotels Near Vieques Google Map

Restaurants: to see the location of all the restaurants click here: Restaurants Near Vieques Google Map The ones I went to:

  1. Trade Winds: I tried various appetizers like the rice and beans, escargot, yuca, and calamares.

  2. El Block Hotel Bar & Restaurant: people mainly come here for the drinks. They also serve Criollo food, appetizers are great to accompany the drinks. they have live music, a pool, and you can choose being inside or outside.

  3. Rancho de Choli: we tried some chicken and tostones, it was great, tender, perfectly seasoned.

  4. Bili: the food is excellent. I tried a rice noodles with seafood and veggies. My parents tried the chuleta kan kan with was great also. It’s a lot of food so I suggest you share. the ambiance is relaxed with music, and great drinks.

  5. Bananas: mainly criollo food, it’s always full, and they take very long to serve.

Places to see: Beaches to Visit: Beaches Vieques Google Map

  1. Media Luna, Sun Bay and Navio: The three beaches are half-moon shaped and so beautiful. the most visited ones are Media Luna and Sun Bay. To get here you have to enter the Sun Bay balneario. To get to Media Luna and Navio, cross Sun Bay completely and enter a small unpaved street that will have small green signs to take you there. They are pretty shallow and safe.

  2. Caracas: another frequently visited and beautiful beach. To get here you have to enter the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge that will have signs that will take you there. Here you can also visit the Puerto Ferro lighthouse (abandoned) , La chiva, Secret beach, La Plata and Garcia. Caracas has gazebos, bathrooms, plenty of shade, and its shallow too.

  3. Black Sand Beach: to get here you have to cross the Malecón completely and when you see Galeria Galeon there will be a parking. There is a sign that says Black Beach this way, the entrance is through some vegetation that will lead you to a path of sand. At the end of the path you will find this beach, very unique and stunning. not many people go here during the day. you will find a lot of horses here.

  4. Malecón: the beach can be accessed by the small parking that leads you to the small pier or you can head through the small stairs. the pier is used by kids to throw themselves, they have kayaks, paddle boards, and other aquatic stuff you can rent. many people with boats dock here.

  5. Mosquito Pier: an abandoned pier that is planned to be used for the famous short boat route to Vieques. here you will find the famous “rompe ola” which is the strip of land that leads you to the pier that had its edges filled with rocks. it’s a beautiful place to be at look at the sunset. to get here you pass the airport, and pass the Ceiba.

  6. Playa Grande: at the side the island you will find the National Wildlife Refuge El Buey.Here is playa grande, Punta Arenas, Punta Boca Quebrada and the sugar mill ruins. Playa Grande has a large lagoon and is really pretty and lonely.


  1. Bio Bay: there are many companies that give the tours. They usually range from $45-65. The best way to enjoy bio bay is on a kayak and check the moon calendar before going (the less moon the better). I bought my tickets in Travesías Isleñas Yaureibo. They meet in front of Trade Winds. They have two tours the 6:30 and 8:30 and the tour can be given by either Samuel or Rebecca. They had out some responsibility papers that you sign before the tour and take you to a van that will drive you to the beach. Upon getting here you will be handed the paddles and seated at the kayak. The only issue I would like to comment is the Rebecca was supposed to give the tour but Samuel ended up giving it because she went to look for the 8:30 tour and never appeared. We were an hour and a half in the bay with Samuel screaming her name, to later find out that she gave the tour in just 30 min. when it’s supposed to last and hour and a half. Samuel was very informative and fun, he gave us activities like “name the constellation” and “find a fish”. Try to keep up with the group, they do paddle fast, if you’re not experience and paddle slow or start to paddle in circles just scream “slow down” and they will wait for you.

  2. Parque de la Ceiba: right before entering mosquito pier you will see a huge 100-year-old Ceiba tree with a gazebo that has information about the initiative that started the preservation of this tree and activities to raise funds.

  3. Sugar Mill Ruins: on the way to Playa Grande there is a small wall with arched doors build in brick. you will see a sign that says Sugar Mill Ruins and Para la Naturaleza does tours but if you want to go by yourself, you have to enter the vegetation and 5 min in you will see more ruins. I suggest you go with the tour or with a group, it an unsupervised lonely place and its a bit hard to get in and out of there even by car.

  4. Fortin Conde Marisol: a free museum where they have antiques, art exhibits, wells, and beautiful views. the entrance is tight but its worth it. The first floor is a radio station, information office and souvenir store.

  5. Puerto Mulas Lighthouse: the new functioning lighthouse is a museum for art and artifacts. There is another lighthouse at the other side of the island Puerto Ferro, but its abandoned.

How to Get Here and get around

  1. plane: a small plane from SJU will take you to the Vieques Airport, it cost $100-200.

  2. boat: it is $2 per person and $30 for the car (only if you own the car, no rentals allowed). Go personally to the Fajardo Ferry Terminal (do not call, they take a lot of time to answer). If you are going to Vieques that same day got to the main office that has huge labels that say Culebra and Vieques; it not go to reservations office. If your taking your car bring your license and registration.

  3. rent a car/golf cart: There are many companies that will rent Jeeps, 4×4 golf carts and scooters. They range from the $50-100.

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