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Yoguen Früz

yoguen früz

Type: Frozen Yogurt

Location: Train station roosvelt, Galeria Paseos and near the Botanical Garden of Caguas

Price: $5 per person

Kids: if you dont go, you dont know what your missing kid!

Service: they know what thet are doing and they are super organized and friendly. It tends to be a locomotion because it is always active and full, but that is just part of the atmosphere.

Food: OMG!!!! out of this world delicious it is the best of both worlds healthy yogurt converted into ice cream. all natural flavors and topings. they have various choices: 1. nü mixes: mixes already preestablished 2. the frozen fruits: pick 1,2,or 3 to combine with chocolate, valnilla, low fat, no sugar, or no fat 3. the flavor of the day/week: for example this week is acai berry. 4. smoothies 5. fruit cup 6. fruit +yogurt

Comments: bring friends, family and more! it will blow your minds!

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