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Type: Casual itailian

Address: Condado, Hotal The Concha next door to perla restaurant.La Concha Renaissance Resort Ave. Ashford 1077 Condado, PR Price: 30-50

Parking: yes

Kids: yes

Food: its eatable but its not the big deal many people will tell you, that and the fact that may be its better than the overburt social gathering place macarroni and grill they go. the chicken marsala is super tender and worth it, also give a go to the specials i tried egg plant raviolli and it was great. the tiramisu is overloaded with coffee so if your an extreme coffe lover this is our desert. there are also the cheesecake lollipops of 4 diffrent flavors: oreo, red velvet, tiramisu and nuts all great and may sound overly sweet but just perfect

Service: great they are so nice, and the new chef is the guy from tuscany who is trying to change the menu to something more interesting. overly fancy art deco design for a highly casual menu, but ill see in a next time what can the chef bring.

Comment: the hotel is an architects dream come true with its modern art deco design worth the many famous pictures in prestigious design magazines. come at any time, its pretty empty and laid back most of the time. the chef checks on you, he likes doing that; i think all italian chefs do that, its nice some small talk once in a while give them the certanty that your loyal even more if you chase them around when they move to another place.

Thank you loyal readers for still reading the blog despite my total abandoment of it, other that bieng super busy, i havent gone to new places recently but i will keep my promise of reaching 100 post by the end of the year and may be 10,000 historic views.

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