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Abracadabra internationaladdress: Ave. Ponce de León 1661 Santurcekids: during the morningprice: $less tan 30 ave.parking: very limitedservice: it is a whimsical place with lots of interesting things to see. there ambiance is similar to a NYC cafe. they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner but they are famous for there breakfast and brunch. The are a bit slow but this is because they prepare things at the moment you order them. You have to come early or make reservations because the place is small. the place is a sit yourself, order when ready service, they wont come to your table unless your ready to order but they do tell you the ingredients of the food items, be sure that they get your order right they tend to mistake orders now and then.  some reviews i read say that some waiters told them that they couldn’t stay to hangout, that they could stay if they ordered but i really cant say  much because the group that i was with had to leave fast because they had classes in an they have great coffees, sandwiches, omellettes, wraps and pancakes. they have gluten free pancakes! i didnt want to risk myself so much because we were in a hurry and i ordered a breadless and cheeseless burger but it was worth it. it was very tasty, tender, well seasoned and with gluten free chips! the other persons in the group ordered salads, wraps and sandwiches. they said that they were good.I will return with more patience and time and try the omelettes and pancakes!

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