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Agricultores Unidos del Centro and Utuado Unidos del Centro is a non-profit to help farmers get and produce land, sell produce, promote the local market and tourism to the center of the island. AUC is located in the center of Utuado a wonderful paradise between the mountains. Here you can take a boat ride in Lago Dos Bocas and eat in the famous restaurants of the lake like Paisaje Escondido, Rancho Marina, Fogon de Abuela y el Otoao.In AUC they have a weekend farmers market until midday, so if you want to get super fresh produce get here early! they have plantains, batata, yautia, honey, plants, pana, coffee (really good!), home made candy and all the seasonal produce like today they had eggplant! the candy is ridiculously good. It is a hard candy almost like a cookie we call dulce de coco. These one had mango, coffee and guayaba in them. They also sell fertile land (compost), farm animals and food. They have a wonderful cafeteria at the entrance that there menu changes every day depending on what they buy but its criollo food that is done with love and care and with fresh produce.I also included below some pictures of previous trips to Utuado. The photos include the stops we made along the way finding the guajataca tunnel (old train tunnel), old factory, seeing the last hydroelectric dam in PR, bridges, and beautiful scenery.Getting here is easy to take the highway to dorado-Bayamon, keep straigh until you see exit 75b to utuado, this leads you to highway 10 when you see the big sign that says Utuado take a left, keep straight unti you enter the town, pass the Walgreens and the gasoline station, at the end of the road take a right and youll see it to your right.

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