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Almacen del vino

Almacen del vino is a local alcohol distributor from B. Fernández y Hnos., Inc established in 1996. However, they do sell gift baskets and snacks to accompany your drinks along with non-alcoholic drinks.

Before COVID-19 they did delivery and you could go to the shop to buy, rent space for collections and for activities.

Now with COVID-19 the physical shop is closed but you can buy from their selection for delivery.

You can order in there online store or through telephone and do pickup or delivery.

My mom and I order wines that on average are $10-15 but you can order more expensive ones. They don’t do “subscription based” so your order wont come at a fixed time so you’ll have to call and make the order when needed.

When they arrive they give you the bottles and box disinfected, wear a mask and drop the delivery as contactless as possible.

Here are some pictures:

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