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Type: International FoodsAddress: Condado, near Saint Johns School and Ashford HospitalPrice: $30 per personParking: valet parking only, very limitedService: excellent, they are very considerate of your food allergy limitations. they are famous for their hospitality and hosting of activities.Food: The has this salad so good that when they brought it to my table everyone wanted to try the salad, for people to totally ignore there delicious spinach empanadilla for a salad it had to be one good salad. the place is famous for their tender salmon, so tender that just by looking at it, it falls off. they also serve a chicken stuffed with mofongo made me happy to eat it. they serve cheesecakes and flans for dessert, my mom said that it was good, ill take her word for it because i cant eat it for obvious reasons.Comment: make reservations with enough anticipation the place does get full because it is a restaurant and it also hosts activities.for those asking how am i doing with my food allergies, its been great. i have changed for the better, there has been days were ive been congested or sneezing but its for environmental reasons. i have taken positive things out of this: i include in all posts if the restaurant is considerate or not about your allergies and ive learned how to cook. i didnt venture to the cooking world because i had serious phobias of knifes and of burning/ cutting  myself. now i can cut onions with a normal knife (not with the perry knife) and they come out square and even (not life before that they came out abstract shaped). with this diet at first i was like:

now im like:

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