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type: criollo

address: 104 Fortaleza Street, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901

price: $20

parking: no, walk

kids: yes

service: its excellent, they are very nice, they have a limited space since the place is small, they are very considerate with food allergies, they have a souvenir shop with a lot of art from local artists.

food: the food is great and fresh, made with local produce, the food is easy to eat since is mostly gluten and lactose free. i tried the ceviche and alcapurrias with their special secret recipe hot sauce. try the piña colada it is the best! well it is the place that invented it so what do you except, it will be the best you have tried!

comment: call make reservations or come early. the place is great and you will have a great time. it is casual and relax. it is included in one of the stops of the Tour called Flavors of San Juan.

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