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Beans for rice and beans

remember that rice recipe i posted yesterday these beans are for that rice.

  1.  ingredients:

  2. beans 1 can

  3. tomato paste 3 table spoons

  4. culantro 3 leaves

  5. sofrito 1 cube (still using the same sofrito i froze some days ago)

  6. pumpkin 1/4-1/2 cup

  7. chicken stock 3-4 cans (use bean can to measure) look at the chicken stock recipe i posted yesterday

  8. procedure

  9. in a pan put tomato paste, sofrito and culantro; mix and wait until sofrito is melted

  10. put pumpkin

  11. pour chicken stock enough to cover pumpkin

  12. pour beans

  13. boil until pumpkin is fork tender and check beans (10-15 min)

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