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Bistro de Paris

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The first restaurant visit for the Puerto Rico Restaurant week! For the restaurant week you have to visit the website, choose your restaurant and make reservations by phone or website.


Authentic: Authentic French

Price: $30-50

Parking: there are public parkings nearby

Kids: grown up kids



Appetizer: Onion lentil soup served in a shot glass. It had a rich, decadent, home made taste. It was accompanied with real French bread and you know its real when its super crunchy. Obviously the bread is not gluten free, so I didn’t try it.

First Course: a classic ratatouille inside phyllo dough. The vegetales were perfectly roasted with the nice sauce. What I did with the dough is that I broke the pouch and scooped out the vegetables.

Second Course: Salmon with pepper and balsamic and instead of potatoes it had vegetables. It had great taste that I loved because it was sweet and salty. My mom ordered pasta made risotto style with vegetables and it was very creamy and comforting.

Dessert: for dessert, mom ordered the vanilla ice cream with chocolate and almonds and ordered to go the lemon tart. The ice cream was refreshing and the lemon tart was light.


The service is excellent and they are mindful of allergies. They made modifications to my food by replacing the potatoes that had cheese with the vegetables and gave me the onion soup.

They have live music and they also have a shop that sells art. They have outdoor seats and a bar.


They are all from France and you’ll feel like your there. The decor is mainly wood and very similar to the ones in France.


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