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Budatai (CLOSED)

Concept: Latin and Asian

Address: Condado. The restaurant is in the 3rd floor of the same building where Louis Vuitton y Cartier are.

Kid Approved?: Well, if your kids eat everything they will have no problem; but if not they can always order the dumplings.

Service: excellent, they waiters are super friendly and the chef too. Treviño, the chef, will be there saying hi ever so often. Favorite place ever.

Price: its not cheap but neither is it ridiculously expensive, say about $120 give or take for a family of 3

Food: It never seizes to surprise me how excellent the food is. Try the duck with the rice and sweet plantains, the chocolate mousse, the dumplings, and the cheesecake

Comments: Come early if not at 7-8pm it will be packed; but don’t worry they do attend people pretty quickly if this happens. I also recommend sharing 2-3 plates for 3 or more people to spend less, try more and not leave food (unless you have a dog and you leave food you can order a doggy bag)

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