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Cafe Berlin

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Type: Vegetarian/Vegan International FoodAddress: 407 Cll San Francisco, San Juan, 00901Parking: Doña Fela ParkingPrice: $30 per person can be more if you oder drinksKids: yesService: The service is excellent, they are very comfortable with modifying the food to your needs, since they specialize in vegetarian/vegan food. They are very nice and know the menu really well. They also explain the menu if you’re not very familiar with vegetarian/vegan food. Make reservations if you are going to get here after 7pm. You can choose to eat inside or outside. The restaurant is great for parties and for hanging out. the place is a cool and relax environment, great to have a good time and hang out.The vegetarian and vegan dishes are of a higher price than the regular dishes but hello vegan/vegetarian cooking requires specialized skills, separate cooking area and equipment, special prep, different cooking times and ingredients that can cost more. Believe me I have learned this along the way from cooking gluten free. Expensive but totally worth it! I prefer investing my money on food and by consequence having good health than wasting my money on meds and doctors. So this is the same thing basically, the extra $ you pay is totally worth it because the food is so good and good for you.Food: the food is excellent! I tried the Veggie Guava Loaf: tofu with a yautia mash and vegetables and my boyfriend tried the guava Chicken: chicken with bbq sauce and pesto rice. The tofu was meaty, tender, and I would have never suspected it was tofu if they didn’t say it because it really tasted like meat. The yautia mash was really creamy and sweet, it was so creamy we thought it had milk but obviously it was vegan so no milk here. I’m a meat eater myself but that vegan dish totally fouled me in a good way. My boyfriend’s rice and chicken was really nice. It had a nice bbq crispy taste and the rice was fresh and light with the pesto. They ran out of vegan desserts when we got here but there is one the menu (vegan carrot cake) but I don’t know it its gluten free. They also offer breakfast, brunch and lunch. I also recommend you try the alfredo pasta with prosciutto, cheese cake and pecan pie.

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