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Caramelo (updated)

Type: Criollo/Cuban/ Caribbean fusionaddress : in a building in front of TJ Maxx in San Patricio PlazaPrice: affordable $30 per personParking: there is the mall parking and the building has its own parkingkids: yesService: pretty good for a new place, they are quite shy at first but they do give good explanations. this is good that they do this because the menu isn’t very detailed about the food, so you’ll have to ask about what the food has and if it contains any thing that might cause allergies.Food: i suggest you order one plate and share it is a lot of food, i found that the fried rice with sweet plantains is good and the mofongo with ropa vieja (dont go crazy here its not literally old clothes its just meat that been cooked to the point that looks like old clothes but tastes way better than old clothes). i also tried the fried yautia with spicy crab and the bistec with sweet plantains, fries and caramelized onions.Comment: its a nice place to hang out and have a good time, it is pretty slow even at rush hour. there is one the pics that has rice and shredded meat, that shredded meat is ropa vieja (old clothes). they also have live music on Saturdays.Note: i’m feeling much better after my allergy saga that i mentioned in my last post. i went to a doctor and apparently i’m allergic to gluten and lactose, the weirdest thing is that i have gone to countless allergist that have done exams and food allergies always come out clean, environmental allergies…well i have to say that my poor arm itches. I’ve been trying a gluten and lactose free diet and i have seen wonders from this. so this is way i haven’t been posting so much.

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