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http://www.lachiwinha.com/http://lachiwinha.com/La_Placita.htmlChiwinha is a store in Rio Piedras, near the University, where they sell a lot of things made from artisans. They are located next to Centro Para Puerto Rico of Sila Maria Calderon.They sell purses, wallets, chocolates, tea, clothes, scarfs, toys, jewelry, herbal medicine, soda, coffee,drinks, food, and gluten/vegan food. Its a small store with a big impact, everything they sell they make sure it complies with fair trade standards. The jewelry is so pretty you’ll want to buy it all. They also sell house cleaning products, personal hygiene products, biodegradable plates, utensils and napkins, They also have a small cafeteria where they sell cookies, brownies, sandwiches, wraps, coffee, desserts, and much more.I went here for small business Saturday/Christmas shopping and tried their coffee made from locally grown grounds, and brewed in a gardening pot (no really I’m not kidding, its cool). I didn’t try the food because I had a good breakfast, but they do sell some good breakfast, lunch and snacks. I met the owner at the Coffee and Chocolate Expo and fell in love with their chocolate and tea.It is truly what people have told me, “An unforgettable experience”. The owners welcome you with a kindness that soothes any stress. You forget about everything and relax. When you come here you fell good about buying stuff because you are helping the local economy, artisans a around the world and helping to eradicate poverty by motivating people to become entrepreneurs.look at the funky cool tables in the pictures!it will be had not to buy everything, you´ll want to buy everythingArticles in spanis about the store: http://www.junteambiental.com/productos/detalle/5 and http://www.miprv.com/la-chiwinha-comercio-justo-fair-trade/ Pictures below are of the articles!

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