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CLOSED Made in Puerto Rico

Made in Puerto RicoType: CriolloLocation:Calle Ucar,Dorado,Puerto RicoParking: yes, valet parking only.Price: less than $30 per person and a $20 per person buffetKids: yes, they’ll enjoy this restaurant that looks like their grandma’s houseService: It is excellent they keep authentic to the jibaro speak, lifestyle and fashion meaning they are nice, courteous and pampering.Food: it is super authentic puertorican food with rice and longaniza, pork with guayaba sauce, pastelon of amarillo, roba vieja, fried finger food, and desserts like flan, ice cream and pumpkin candy. the most delicious thing it has to offer are the natural fruit frappes of mango, pinnapple, tamarindo, and other tropical flavors.Comment: come early it gets full fast and when they have a busy day they offer a buffet to speed things up, if you like quiet restaurant well sorry this place is 100% Puertorican, we talk loud.- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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