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Crêpe maker

Crepe Maker

Type: French

Parking: yes but limited.

Price: less than $20

kids: its like wonderland, were all your dream will come true or you can just go next door to sweet box were all you craving dreams will come true.

Service: Its very unique you can see the cooks preparing your meal in front of you, if you dont know what to choose the most popular dishes are with an arrow on the menu and have pictures around the restaurant. you can also ask the employees they’ll recomend you the best of the best. the restaurant looks and feels like an authentic french bistro looking out towards the Eiffel Tower or Seine River. It really transports you to France.

Food: it is a party in you mouth of flavors where every bite gets even better and get ready to be messy because that the name of the game when it come to crêpe’s. Try the rasperry chicken or the steak and cheese; 3 words: finger licking good.

Comment: do come early the parking is limited because this small mall has 4 restaurants right next to each other that they are worth going and the will get full by 8-9pm. the restaurants concept is like a Camille’s or Subway but fancier yet affordable.

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Location:Cll Veracruz,Guaynabo,Puerto Rico

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