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Cuevas de Camuy

IMG_0246 all familyaddress: Route 129 Km 18.9,HCO 2 7865-A,Camuy,00627price: $15parking: limitedservice: they have a train available for the 1st part of the trip, one you enter the cave its on foot, they do have a tour guide. they suggest you call before going to check if the caves are open because if it rains it will be closed, this area is prone to flooding because Rio Camuy runs through yes the have vending machines available. restaurants are near by.comment: i suggest hiking boots or good tennis shoes because its slippery. go early and be prepared to walk. do not under any circumstance confuse, compare or say its inspired on the movie avatar, the movie avatar is fake and filmed in 2009 the cave is thousands of years old and its not fake. I mention this because the tour guide mentioned that an ignorant child said “this is just like the movie avatar, i bet this is inspired on that movie”.

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