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Da Vinci

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Type: Italian/ pizza

Price: $30-50

Parking: public parking available across the street



Their main specialty is the freshly made pizzas but they do serve salads, pasta, and subs.

They have gluten free pizzas available, however they are not vegan. The majority of the pizzas on the menu have ingredients already set but you can do a custom pizza.

My first visit I ordered the gluten free crust with pepperoni and basil and on my second visit I had the cauliflower crust with basil only. No cheese because there was no vegan cheese. Both pizzas were perfectly cooked with a crunchy thin crust, the sauce was light and the pepperoni was slightly grilled so its salty goodness was accentuated.

My parents ordered the cheese, pepperoni and sausage and the pears, honey and goats cheese. I tried the pears with honey and it was a nice surprise topping to add to pizza. Its like a salty, sweet, tangy combination.

They have huge selection of beers but they do have wines, all locally produced.

For dessert they have lemon sorbet served inside an actual lemon. It was super cute, refreshing and a nice way to en the meal


The two times I’ve been here the waiter has been super nice in making my special cheese-less gluten free pizza and making wine or beer suggestions.

The place is new but its quite organized and always full.


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