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De roadtrip internacional con tu boca viajera

Type: class activity of REHU 4435 (International Human Resource) international

Address: UPR Rio Piedras Faculty of Business Administration Ana Maria O’Neill (AMO) Building from 10am to noon

When: March 14

Regions: best selling items

South and Center America the “chocolate crackers” (insert real name here) with wine and soda were nice mix, and arepas ❤ Brazil: coco custard tasted like coco flavored flan, delicious i can tell because i ate like 3 of them the yamique in center america Barbados: so cute and pretty table and costume Cuba: this guy was of the hook with his icebox/ boombox yeah you heard me it was literary a icebox converted to a boom box were you could put the iPhone and hear music. completely out done yourself

Arabia the hummus, babaganush (did i spell this right?, if not sorry)

Asia sushi, autralias straberry custard dessert was so decadent and good i would of ate the cupcake paper if it was edible.

Europe crepes with nutela, you made my day with sweetness and impressed me with good English tea


Morocco: couscous with “sweet”chicken and mint sauce, i had to say it was sweet…i had to tone down the spiciness because it have me an allergic reaction. Ghana’s: “defrosted strawberry ice cream” was a sensation Madagascar: it was true what you said about the small cake tasting like olives still good anyways. funny tough adding the Madagascar movie lemurs Mauricio’s: classic dip with tostitos!

believe i tried everything and it was all worth it and i had fun!and for those of you asking about my test, i made it just in time and did it completely with out any problems the super awesome bulletin board was a collaborative effort made by almost the whole classroom

Africa the one with the golden and blue Djallab is me

Arabia and south america





south america

the group

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