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Desiree Lowry Modelaje y Refinamiento

Desirre Lowry is a model, TV and Radio host, “YouTuber” and a Miss Universe. She established the Modeling Academy in 1998. Here they offer many seminars about fashion, modeling, makeup, and styling. They have two locations one in Guaynabo and one in Caguas.Directions:


Tel. 787-792-1040Fax 787-792-1178Carr. #2, Villa CaparraCalle Ramos Mimosa – Altos de Top Meat[ Ver Mapa ]


787-704-1075Ave. Muñoz Marín #AB11Frente a Plaza Centro MallAltos Faccio Pizza[ Ver Mapa ]I have taken two seminars in this academy: one back in 2005 and one recently.The summer modeling camp teaches young teens to model, how to pose, style, put makeup, table etiquette, and a lot of interesting things. Your graduation ceremony is to model several styles and take a photo shoot. They do offer more advanced classes for those interested in taking modeling to a professional level.I took this modeling camp because back in 2005. Long story short, a had lost a lot of weight and had to change my whole closet. The classes really helped me a lot. The modeling classes are more than just modeling, posing and styling.  The classes do help a lot in developing inner beauty, discovering talents, learning to be more confident and having more self-esteem.Fast forward to 2016, I took makeup classes in the academy. This time for another reason: I wanted to know more about how to wear makeup and skin care.  I still suffer from acne and wanted to learn how to cover up acne scars properly and take care of my skin in a better way.For a long time, I avoided makeup because my allergies ruined my makeup all the time. Food allergies, especially those related to gluten affect your face a lot. Acne can be caused by hormones, genetics, lifestyle habits, eating habits, etc. Surprisingly, if your gluten intolerant, gluten can create acne. Also,  I was busy all the time studying which led me to think that I didn’t have time for makeup. I avoided drugstore treatments for acne because I’ve tried them all with no success and I created my homemade remedies.Edgenuity Answer Keys:

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