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Disaronno wears Trussardi

I was invited by Kroma, a Puerto Rican advertising agency, to the Disaronno wears Trussardi tour in San Juan Water Beach Club Hotel in its Mist Rooftop Bar and Kitchen.

This hotel is located in Isla Verde that offers a rooftop and beach experience to people that are staying.


On the Menu:

“Tapas”: rice as the base and tuna on top. crunchy and addictive.

Rice with steak. this is a full meal that you could order from the menu but the steak was offered in kabobs as appetizer.

Off the menu items: tuna and soup. There was also ceviche.


Disaronno Cocktails

  1. Margarita

  2. Sour

  3. Godfather

This one in this picture is the Margarita. A sweet cocktail with Tequila and Lime Juice. Great starter for the evening.


Sour: Lime Juice, Disaronno, Sugar Syrup


The godfather: whiskey and disaronno, an offer you can’t refuse…

Que the Godfather music in background…


Is Disaronno Gluten Free?

Yes! If you contact Disaronno through social media or customer service they state that it is gluten free and vegan. Disaronno was created in 1525 in Italy and is made from herbs, fruits and apricot.


What is Trussardi?

Its an Italian fashion company established in 1911 that makes leather goods such as gloves, jackets, purses and more. Their style is modern, colorful and high end.


The Experience

The event had appetizers, bailarinas, local musicians and of course disaronno cocktails. My foodie friends were also invited, along with lifestyle and beauty bloggers.

I really liked the hotel’s rooftop, it’s a great place to sit, relax, unwind and look at the beach or lounge in the pool.

The food was great! Really innovative and different. Perfectly seasoned, light and a perfect companion to the drinks. The drinks were very different from each other: refreshing sweetness, sweet and sour, and strong.


EnJoy the Pictures

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