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Dulzura Borincana

About the candy/ snacks

It is a family company that was established in 1996 by Carlos Rivera that decided to specialize in traditional Puerto Rican candy. They sell to Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Supermarkets and online.

In Puerto Rico, it is easier to get them online. They are available in stores in Florida. In their website, they have a store finder, online store, events, promos, and about page.

How I heard about them

I was doing my LLM in California and my mom and aunt decided to deliver me through the mail a bunch of candy to share with my friends. It was a big hit, everyone loved them

We also had bought a bunch of them for my dad’s birthday as dessert.

The one that we ordered was the big assorted bowl that brings all the best sellers.

I met the marketing director at the BE Fest Colmena 66 made and decided we needed to collab.

We communicate through emails to coordinate the delivery.


They delivered me a box of their new snacks, with a nice thank you letter and a T-shirt! The new snacks are gluten, vegan, non-GMO, have a ton of vitamins and low sodium.


  1. coconut: classic sweet coconut

  2. coconut ginger: nice subtle ginger flavor

  3. coconut guava: it’s like eating the guava fruit

  4. coconut chia seed: subtle sweet coconut flavor

  5. sesame seed: crunchy sweet flavor

  6. flax seed: crunchy nutty flavor

Other candy available:

  1. mantecaditos

  2. besitos de coco

  3. polvorones

  4. destellitos

  5. marrallo

  6. coconut cream

  7. coconut chips

  8. coconut and pineapple

  9. dulce de leche regular and with guava

  10. guava

  11. mango

  12. sesame seeds with almond and honey

  13. pilones

Video: Go to my Instagram!

Check out my Instagram story where I try each of the candy they delivered.

If you want to be featured, don’t hesitate to contact me through DM’s in Facebook, Instagram or Email.

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