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El cacique

Type: Criollo

Price: $30-50

Parking: no, you must get by boat

kids: don’t even think about it.

service: this place is the worse, the waitresses are with dark eyes from last nights party, the really don’t know what they are even serving and lack the skills of advertising the restaurant. they take 3 hours to serve you even when empty and use “we had a bad shopping day” as an excuse to say that only 5 incomplete items are available from the menu. they have a tacky uniform to catch your attention away from the crappy structure they don’t even bother to maintain.

Food: the fact that they use left overs is obvious. they give you free canned soup as a “i’ m sorry for the extra small portions of mediocre servings”. doesn’t stand out at all.

Comment: of all the excellent places in this lake this is the mayor don’t of the area, avoid at all costs and do not make your poor kids wait 3 hours for crappy food.

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