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El frappe de Juana Diaz

type: mother of frappesaddress: close to the exit to Juana Diazkids: hell yes, i was very happyparking: very limited, its a food truckfood: holy mother of frappes they are huge, they will fill you up. it has real fruits and chucks of fruits in the frappe. there are also got other flavors that made me go “no?! you’ve got to be kidding me right?” like the nutella, or ferrero roche, or ice cream. there are dozens of combinations. i tried the papaya with coconut (yes there was real coconut and papaya chunks). why the combination? because i was with allergies and papaya is a natural antibiotic/anti-inflammatory and coconut is a rich in alkaline which helps control allergies)service: they are made at the moment, super fresh so youll have to wait a bit but its worth the wait.comment: alot of people come here they are super famous!note: frappes (like sherbets and sorbets) are traditionally and are supposed to be made with an ingredient, ice and orange juice. it is not supposed to have under any circumstance  milk, unless you’re ingredient is ice cream, coffee, candy, or anything that is not fruit.  these “frappes” are really milkshakes/ iced coffee/ smoothies. so when it comes to food allergies like mine fruits are safe. if you have any fruit allergies like i do (i have allergies to anything that ends in berry) well try to see if they have other fruits; in the case of this place frappes are made from any fruit you can imagine, but if you order from a regular restaurant they will usually have lemon, mango, strawberry, piña colada. if you are allergic to citrus fruits you can just say to them to substitute the orange juice for water.

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