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El ladrillo

type: criollo/ spanish influenceaddress: 334 Méndez Vigo, Dorado, near the center of the cityparking: limitedkids: grown kids are fine, little kids keep an eye there are expensive paintings and knickknacks in the restaurantservice: a bit slow but super nice and formal, they have two different people who attend you one for the water, napkins, etc. and the other to order it is excellent, light food alternative for the usually heavy criollo/spanish food, i tried the lamb chops and it was so good that you could eat the bone (didnt eat the bone b/c you cant eat the bone), the chuleton is ridicoulously tender, the salads of glory, the sea food that is super fresh.comment: it is a place where its name explains whats inside “el ladrillo”” is the translation for bricks and it is made out bricks and wood, and has a lot of paintings that are delightful to admire. make reservations past 6 pm it gets full and theres not much parking.they are considerate with people with allergies, they have a large diverse menu for everyone from meat eaters to vegeterians.

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